"Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted." Matthew 5:4

When we first learn that we are expecting a new life, most of us look to the future with bright hopes and dreams.  We expect the end to look like a healthy newborn baby in our arms.  But sometimes, the outcome looks different.  Which is where I can come in for you. 


1 in 4 women experience pregnancy loss.  This can be in any trimester.  Stillbirth affects about 1 out of 160 pregnancies per year in the United States. We give birth to our babies.  Some living.  Some still.  Some with fatal diagnoses. 


My role as a Stillbirthday Doula, is to come alongside you--at any stage--to support you, provide you options, and give you resources.  Whether it's a birth at 5 weeks or 19 weeks, a still birth at 20 weeks or 42 weeks, or a fatal diagnosis at the 20-week anatomy scan or received just after birth, my trained bereavement support is available at no cost to you.  You are free to feel, free to grieve, and free to cry.  These days are hard. The grief runs deep. It was the loss of my own baby that drove me to this ministry of pouring out love onto families experiencing similar situations. I understand the guttural grief of loss.   


Whether you are here as a parent experiencing loss, or as a friend or family member of someone who is, please feel free to reach out to me for support and utilize these links to resources in our area and online. 


May peace and comfort be yours. 


Please start here:


Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep - Professional photography of you and your beautiful little one, free of charge, by an approved NILMDTS photographer, specializing in the delicate nature of these photos.


Funeral Homes

Reynolds-Jonkhoff Funeral Home - Free infant burial.  At-cost caskets and urns.

Covell Funeral Home

Life Story Funeral Home


Grief Support

Michael's Place

The Finley Project

National Alliance For Grieving Children

The Compassionate Friends - Online resource for friends/family supporting families grieving the loss of a child.
 -Petoskey chapter located here

Grief/Trauma Counseling

Kristy Wiersema at Authentic Life - grief, trauma, pregnancy/postpartum, and more...(geared more towards women)

Kevin DeBruyn at Adaptive Counseling and Case Management - Grief, depression, relationships, anxiety, and more...



M.E.N.D. - Keepsakes

Michael's Place - Free keepsake workshop

Intricately Woven Birth Services - Placenta encapsulation may not be a safe option in many/most cases involving loss, but I am happy to gift you with an umbilical cord keepsake and/or placenta print (in the case where the placenta is not needed to be sent to pathology).